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April 24th 2018

SRON's mission is to bring about breakthroughs in international space research. Therefore the institute develops pioneering technology and advanced space instruments, and uses them to pursue fundamental astrophysical research, Earth science and exoplanetary research. As national expertise institute SRON gives counsel to the Dutch government and coordinates national contributions to international space missions. SRON stimulates the implementation of space science in our society. SRON stimulates the implementation of space science in our society.

Job description
Project Outline
SRON invites applicants for a postdoctoral position in the field of critical technology development for high contrast imaging systems for space applications. The candidate will concentrate on the critical aspects of the hardware development of a novell Hysteretic Deformable Mirror (HDM). If the HDM development is successful, a combination with a Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detector (MKID) is foreseen, to demonstrate an end to end system. This KID development is conducted in parallel by fellow researchers at SRON. The final aim of these developments is to contribute to the first space-based instrument, capable to characterize Earth-like exoplanets.
As member of the HDM project team, it is the task of the candidate to tackle the critical design and manufacturing issues which are identified during the development process and to contribute to the detailed HDM design on the basis of multiphysics simulations. The candidate will also contribute to the definition of the HDM and MKID performance requirements based on simulations of a complete space based high contrast imaging system. When successful, the HDM and detector can be tested in a state of the art high contrast imaging environment (THD2) at LESIA in Paris.

The position is located at SRON Groningen and involves intensive collaboration with the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials (ZIAM) and Discrete Technology and Production Automation (DTPA) both from the University of Groningen (RUG) and the SRON experts in lithographic development and production in Utrecht. Airbus Defence and Space (Leiden) can be involved during the system study.

We are looking for a scientist with a PhD degree in applied physics and preferably with experience in the field of nano technology, MEMS or adaptive optics. The candidate should have a firm background in both the fields of physics and engineering. Good knowledge of the English language is essential and the candidate should be able to work both independently and in a team.

Functional competencies
• takes initiative;
• result driven;
• analytical;
• judicious.

SRON core competencies
• innovative;
• focused on collaboration;
• responsibility;
• a global player;
• flexibility.

Conditions of employment 
 Employment of this full-time position at SRON Groningen is by NWO-I (The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research Institutes) and will be for a period of three years. The salary will be in accordance with the salary scales of NWO with a maximum of € 4.848 gross per month on a full-time basis (highly depending on education and experience).
NWO has good secondary employment conditions such as:
• an end of year bonus of 8,33 percent of the gross yearly salary;
• 42 days of vacation leave a year on full-time basis;
• a holiday allowance of 8 percent of the gross yearly salary;
• an excellent pension scheme;
• options for (additional) personal development;
• excellent facilities for parental leave.

The conditions of employment of NWO-I are laid down in the Collective Labour Agreement for Research Centres (Cao-Onderzoekinstellingen), more exclusive information is available at this website under Personeelsinformatie (in Dutch) or under Personnel (in English). General information about working at NWO-I can be found in the English part of this website under Personnel. The 'Job interview code' applies to this position.

For further information about the position, please contact Dr. Robert Huisman, +31 50 363 66 48. More information about SRON can be found at http://www.sron.nl/

If you wish to apply you can send a motivation letter with CV via email Please state the vacancy number 'SRON1369' in the subject of your mail. Applications will be accepted until 13 April 2018. In the event of equal suitability, preference will be given to female applicants. No commercial propositions please.