This image shows the stairwell at institute AMOLF

This information is for Workgroup leaders from the Administrative Unit for Research Groups at Universities (BUW: Beheerseenheid Universitaire Werkgroepen) who before 1 January 2017 - at that time from the FOM Foundation - received funding to do physics research.

Since 1 januari 2017 the BUW is managed by NWO-I. The researchers (PhDs, postdocs and technicians) who work on these projects and research groups of the workgroup leaders BUW are therefore employed by NWO-I. As soon as the last researcher from the BUW has gained his or her doctorate and all projects and research groups have been concluded, the unit BUW will cease to exist. In the menu on the left research group leaders can find all of the information to manage their projects and research groups.

Did you receive funding from NWO after 1 January 2017? Then kindly consult the NWO website for more information.

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