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Material budget

You can use the material budget from NWO-I to fund the following:

  • instruments, gases (not intended for refrigeration), small resources and materials for scientific setups. The acquisition must be in line with the approved proposal. NWO-I will only reimburse a delivery by the university workshop if invoicing is on the basis of a delivery agreed upon in advance against a fixed price (contract sum), which has been signed for approval by the budget holder. You should send a copy of this agreement with the invoice;
  • expanding, improving and renovating existing NWO-I-equipment;
  • objects of NWO-I research, such as isotopes;
  • maintenance subscriptions for NWO-I equipment and machines;
  • books and journals. However, these can only be specialist works that are directly related to the NWO-I research. NWO-I assumes that general standard works are present in the laboratory's library.
  • business trips in the Netherlands and abroad;
  • all employees involved in the project can make business trips. In the context of the work it could be important for the employee to visit a congress or symposium abroad or to give a lecture abroad. As the workgroup leader BUW, you determine whether a business trip is important for the project. The exact procedure for applying for funding is described on the personnel pages under Personnel/Work and travel. You must sign the request and, in a later stage, the declaration, and provide these with the work order number. For more information see also the Collective Employment Conditions Regulation Domestic and foreign business trips, Article 3.3 and IR 2

What you should take into account when ordering (purchase process) can be read under Purchasing equipment and services. What you can claim from the University can be read below under University budget.

Investment budget

From the investment budget you can pay for the investments that you requested and that NWO-I awarded funding for. For this, please see your award letter. What you should look out for with the ordering (purchase process) can be read under Purchasing equipment and services.

Personnel information

The personnel allocations occur in positions (FTEs) per period and per personnel category. NWO-I uses average rates for personnel costs. You can claim the number of positions appointed. You cannot claim the amounts stated.

In IR 8.7 it is arranged that the employee who is working on research within NWO-I that will lead to a PhD graduation, has the right to a remuneration for the thesis printing costs. Costs are already included in the average rates for a researcher in training position. Therefore the costs cannot be claimed from the material budget. If the employee wishes to make use of the scheme, he or she should complete the form Request remuneration thesis printing costs. You should sign this form for approval. You can find detailed information under Work and career.

University budget

You have the right to infrastructural facilities provided by your university. Besides office and experimental space, these facilities can consist of administrative and small-scale technical support. The following costs for research groups should in all cases be charged to the university budget:

  • reprints and photocopies of articles; 
  • workshop facilities or workshop systems and other services provided to NWO-I (including costs for separate man-hours and for the purchase of material);
  • administrative assistance;
  • telephone, postage, office supplies;
  • rent, furnishing or improvement of workspace;
  • gas, water, electricity;
  • use of a university computer; 
  • cryogenic gasses such as helium and nitrogen (except in the case of large quantities for which a prior budget has been applied for and explicitly awarded).

What you can pay for from your material budget can be found on this page under Material budget. 

Validity of budgets

Allocations of personnel positions are usually valid for 18 months. This period starts from the moment that you actually fill a personnel position. If the position has not been filled after 18 months, then NWO-I will withdraw this. The associated remaining material budgets and investment budget will then expire too. This applies in so far as you have not spent the budget yet. These measures must ensure that the research arrears accrue no further and are eventually reduced. These measures apply across the entire NWO-I.

Material budget and investment budget are available until NWO-I closes the project. At the end of August, you will be notified if NWO-I is going to close your project. The closing letter will state exactly what you have to do. Any remaining budget will expire.

Delegating budget responsibility

As a workgroup leader BUW, you are the budget holder for the projects realised under your responsibility. You can mandate one or more persons to sign on your behalf. These should preferably be people who (co-)lead the research. A mandating form is enclosed with the award letter. You can use this to delegate the power to sign for the expenditure of the funds allocated. You can also download the form at the top of this page.

The administrator of the faculty who is responsible for the project administration should be given no or a limited power to sign. This is because, as the administrator of the university and a person authorised to sign, he or she would fulfil a double role. This is also dependent on how locally the authorisations are arranged. As the budget holder you always remain responsible. NWO-I views you as the discussion partner and not the person(s) you have authorised.

Goods or services

As a workgroup leader BUW, you are authorised to place orders that are charged to your budget. For this you are bound by the budget that NWO-I has allocated you. 
Orders should be realised in accordance with the procedures that apply within your institution. Your institution will pay the costs involved to the suppliers. Your institution will collect the costs incurred per project and per work order number. Your institution will regularly charge these costs incurred to NWO-I by means of a collective invoice. This collective invoice should be drawn up in such a way that NWO-I can determine the legitimacy of the costs.

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