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Financial reporting

Following the switch to a new financial system, NWO-I has had two reporting systems available since 1 January 2016.

  1. Unit4 Business World (UBW): for details since 2016

Logging in
Go to and choose your own institution.

If you are logged in at your own institution with your own account, you will directly access your NWO-I reports via because we make use of the "single sign on" with the help of SURFconext.

Access to UBW is granted to workgroup leader BUW and university administrators. If you wish to have such access, then NWO-I requires certain information from you. If you would like access, then please contact

For urgent matters please contact the BUW administration, +31 30 600 1374. For other questions and/or other comments please mail

  1. Details until the end of 2015

The administrator of the BUW can provide you with details concerning the data up until the end of 2015. Other questions and/or comments can be mailed to

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