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General information

On this page you will find information about the award letter, status of your budget, changing your budget and the Research and Development (Promotion) Act.

Award letter

If NWO-I awards a proposal in your research group funding, then you will receive an award letter. This states which and how much funding you will receive (personnel, material budget and/or investment budget) and for which period. Under Budgets it is described what you can pay from which funds. The letter also contains the work order number for material budget and (if applicable) investment budget. The administrative management occurs through this work order number. All documents such as orders, invoices and the like must state a work order number and be signed by you as the budget holder or a person you have authorised to sign. See Budget responsibility for information about delegating this responsibility.

The award letter also states the conditions concerning reporting, administrative integration, closure procedure, knowledge protection, appointing a user committee and the acknowledgement. Further information about the acknowledgement can be found under Publications.

If you realise a project at a university, then the following applies. Your university should pay for all infrastructure costs associated with a FOM/NWO-I project. These costs include centralised and decentralised non-scientific support, material expenses and infrastructural facilities in the context of scientific research. See also under Budgets. The direct government funding that your university receives includes an amount allocated by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science for this. The universities should make this allowance available for the support of project employees of NWO-I.

State of affairs

The Finance Department of NWO-I can provide overviews if requested. Furthermore, your administrator can view the financial status of the projects under your responsibility in the financial system. Therefore, via your administrator, you can remain informed about the current financial state of affairs related to the projects under your responsibility.

You can contact your administrator if you have an urgent need for information. As a second step, you can contact the Finance Department of NWO-I. Furthermore, each financial overview is only up to date insofar as relevant data have been supplied to the administration.

Budget changes

The budget can be changed during the project. If you are considering that, then you should always first contact your contact person. He or she may give permission for small changes. For larger changes, permission is needed from the chair of the  NWO-I management team or even from the Board of the NWO-I Foundation.

A change in the budget is, in principle, discussable in the following cases:

  • converting a PhD position to a postdoc position or vice versa;
  • the appointment of a guest researcher for a short period of time if there is sufficient space in the staffing for this;
  • calamities;
  • temporary over-occupancy of the staffing capacity, as long as you can convincingly demonstrate the need for this;
  • use of the material budget for personnel costs;
  • use of staffing capacity for purchases. 


For more information about the Research and Development (Promotion) Act we kindly refer you to the website of the RVO.

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