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NWO-I is the owner of goods that are paid for with NWO funds. For the maintenance of equipment, the moving of equipment and so forth, NWO-I will not make any funds available outside of the project funds.
Also, once the NWO-I project has finished, you can as a (former) workgroup leader BUW or the faculty in question continue to use the goods until further notice. However, NWO-I retains the right to deploy these goods elsewhere in conjunction with other research activities.
You can only sell goods with an original purchase value of k€ 50 or more if you have received prior explicit permission to do so from NWO-I. When deciding whether to grant permission, NWO-I will also consider what the amount raised by the sale will be used for. You should notify the NWO-I Finance Department of all sales and disinvestments, such as demolition et cetera.

Medium-sized investment/matching

Medium-sized investments concern a budget allocation of at least k€ 110 for durable goods such as equipment. NWO-I and your research institution jointly finance a medium-sized investment. NWO-I will pay no more than 75% of the costs. In your application you must explicitly state which part will be funded by the university and which part by NWO-I. The "own contribution" from the university must be verifiable once the investment has been realised. The contribution from NWO-I can only be used for acquisitions. The university matching amount in kind can consist of the costs for equipment, parts and materials not paid for by NWO-I. Also, the counter value of initial personnel costs for the construction of the experimental setup/facility and structural facilities, peripheral equipment and control hardware and software can fall under matching.

See also Budgets for the acquisition of equipment.

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