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Liability insurance

Situations can occur in which NWO-I can be held liable for damage that employees cause to the property of third parties. For such cases, NWO-I has concluded a liability insurance. This insurance is applicable to all employees with whom NWO-I has concluded an employment contract. All persons who carry out activities on behalf of NWO-I fall under this liability insurance too. Independent professionals do not fall under the liability insurance. The maximum insured amount is € 4,537,802 per event.

Contact persons: Sije Berkulo and Marja Knoop

Collective accident insurance

If an employee does not have an employment agreement or another agreement with NWO-I, then NWO-I considers him or her to be a guest. Should something happen to him or her for which NWO-I could be held liable, then NWO-I has concluded a collective accident insurance to cover this. Visitors who are at an NWO-I location for the purpose of an excursion also fall under this insurance. This insurance only applies if you have registered the guest and the visitors in advance with the P&O Department of NWO-I.

NWO-I also has an accident insurance for foreign guests, students, conscientious objectors and unpaid interns.

Contact person: Lydia van der Vlist

Travel insurance

If the employee makes a business trip in the Netherlands or abroad, then there are also insurances in place to financially safeguard any damages caused by third parties. See also IR-2.

NWO-I has concluded a continuous travel insurance for NWO-I employees. This contains cover for damage, theft, accidents and the like. See Project and personnel.

Contact person: Lydia van der Vlist

Insurance equipment

NWO-I has concluded an insurance against fire, burglary, storm and water damage.

NWO-I includes all goods purchased with NWO-I funds in this insurance. If NWO-I is the co-funder of equipment, then NWO-I is insured in proportion to the amount invested. The ratio of co-funding between the NWO-I contribution and the total value is the same as the ratio for which NWO-I is insured against  fire, burglary, storm and water damage with respect to that equipment. Your administration should show that NWO-I has (co-)funded the equipment concerned.

Damage must be reported within 24 hours to the NWO-I Finance Department. You can only claim for theft if there are traces of burglary (breaking in and/or getting away).

Contact person: Marja Knoop

Transport insurance

If you want to transport equipment of NWO-I, then you can insure this transport via NWO-I insurances.

You should notify the NWO-I finance department of this. You should state the value of the goods to be transported including the manner and duration of the transport so that this transport is covered by our policy. Only transports that we have been notified of are insured. You should use the form Notification transport insurance for this.

Contact person: Stephanie van Alphenaar

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