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Employment conditions NWO-I personnel

Here you will find information about employment conditions, personnel and allowances.

See the tab 'NWO-I employees' to download all forms concerning declarations and financial compensation.

Employment conditions

The employment conditions of NWO-I are laid down in the Collective Labour Agreement Research Institutions (CAO-OI) and in the Implementing Regulations (IR). Current employment conditions can be found here. If you or your employee have any doubts about the correct interpretation of a regulation or if exceptional circumstances occur that are not covered by a regulation, then it is important to consult the P&O Department NWO-I well in advance.

Salary tables

The salary tables can be found in cao Appendix 1 – Tables of salaries.

Study facilities

NWO-I has a study costs allowance which is stated in IR-4 Study facilities. An employee can find forms for applying for and declaring a financial contribution to the study costs above: 'Application financial contribution study costs' and 'Declaration study costs'.

The forms 'Application financial contribution study costs', 'Allowance for printing costs of PhD theses', 'Car mileage declaration' and 'Declaration study costs' should be signed for approval. See IR-8.

Allowance for printing costs of PhD thesis

In IR-8.4 Allowance for printing costs of PhD theses it is arranged that the employee who is working on research within NWO-I that will lead to a PhD graduation has the right to a remuneration for the thesis printing costs. The costs will be charged to the personnel budget of the research group. If the employee wishes to make use of the scheme, he or she should complete the form Request Allowance for printing costs of PhD theses. You should sign this form for approval. Detailed information can be found on the page Work and career.

Business trip within the Netherlands

The entire regulation can be found in IR-2. A business trip should be made by public transport. The costs of this will be reimbursed on the basis of the cheapest public transport fares. For the train, the reimbursement is equal to the cost of second class travel. If due to your own private discount card or private season ticket you are eligible for a discount for a business trip, then you will be reimbursed for the discounted price paid. Once per calendar year, the total discount realised on the basis of the declarations will be paid up to a maximum of € 60.00. If you make repeated business trips to the same destination, then you should make use of a season ticket, 'trajectkaart' (route-specific public transport pass) or a similar ticket if this is cheaper. In this case, NWO-I will reimburse an amount that is the same as the cost for this ticket.

The form Car mileage declaration can be found here.

Car mileage costs

If, with the explicit consent of NWO-I, you travel by car, then you will be reimbursed at a rate of € 0.28 per kilometre. If you travel by car without the explicit permission of NWO-I, then NWO-I will issue a kilometre reimbursement of € 0.17 per kilometre. For non-NWO-I employees a reimbursement of € 0.19/km applies.

Other travel costs

Necessary taxi costs are reimbursed. If possible, you should make use of a cheaper alternative such as the OV-taxi or zone taxi. Any additional costs that can be reasonably demonstrated, for example the costs of bicycle storage, green wheels, an OV bike or electric NS scooter, can be reimbursed if the documents for this are submitted. Parking costs are not reimbursed. Parking costs are only eligible for reimbursement if these are related to the transport of large equipment and materials. You must have received prior permission for this, and you must have concluded a transport insurance.

How do I declare the costs of a business trip in the Netherlands?

For the travel costs declaration, you must submit all documentary evidence that can reasonably be desired. We kindly request you to submit the (expenses) declarations within two months. Failure to do so means you no longer have the right to reimbursement. You should ensure that the forms are provided with the work order number and are signed by the workgroup leader BUW. You may send the forms to the Finance Department of NWO-I.

You can declare your costs via Forms.

  • For the payment of travel costs by public transport, you should submit the original tickets.
  • For other costs, you should submit the original receipts.
  • For the non-taxed reimbursement of a business trip using the ov-chipkaart you should submit a printout of the journey made. If you do not have documented proof, then for the journey made a kilometre reimbursement based on € 0.17 cent per kilometre can be reimbursed instead.
  • For the reimbursement of car mileage costs, you should fill in the form Car mileage declaration form.

Reimbursement for employees who come from abroad

NWO-I offers the 'fiscal facility'. According to this fiscal regulation, employers can issue a flat rate tax-free monthly allowance to specific categories of personnel recruited abroad. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration must give permission for this. This allowance is a contribution to the extra expenses incurred. Certain conditions apply to this.

For further information, please see the page Commuting allowance.

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