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Recruitment of personnel

On this webpage you will find information about the recruitment of personnel via this website and via advertisements.

For every NWO-I-position you must put a vacancy notice on the website of NWO-I. The only exception to this is if you already have a candidate for the position. You report the vacancy at the moment you wish to start the recruitment process.

NWO-I recruits internationally for scientific positions (with an emphasis on Europe) and so for these positions you should write a text in English. For other positions (technical and support staff) you can write a Dutch or English text. Via the form on this website you can register your vacancy.

The P&O Department of NWO-I will assume responsibility for placing the vacancy on the NWO-I website. NWO-I places scientific vacancies on the websites of Academic Transfer and Academic Positions. This takes about one week. If you have filled the vacancy, then you should contact the P&O Department of NWO-I. NWO-I can then remove the vacancy from the website in good time.

NWO-I places a vacancy on the website for six weeks. At the end of the six-week period, NWO-I will contact you by email to assess whether the vacancy can be removed. At your request, the vacancy can remain in place for another six weeks. As soon as a vacancy has been filled, NWO-I will remove this from the website of course.

After a maximum of three months, NWO-I will remove the vacancy. The P&O Department of NWO-I will contact you about this by email. Then, if the vacancy has still not been filled at that moment, NWO-I shall, in principle, remove the vacancy from the website. In this case, you have to make a plan for continuing the recruitment via other channels. This can be realised in consultation with the P&O Department of NWO-I.

No costs are involved in this procedure.

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