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November 17th 2019

NWO-I, the Institutes Organisation of NWO employs a 'care clause' if an age guideline is given for a vacancy.

The aforementioned age guideline can be deviated from in the event that the candidate has cared for a child in his/her household and was not working full-time during this care-providing period (employed or remunerated in a different manner).

The following rules apply when calculating the permitted deviation from the aforementioned age guideline:

  • The care-providing period is taken to be the period from 0 to 12 years of the child/children.
  • If no paid work was undertaken during the care-providing period then for each year that a child was cared for under the age of 4 years a year's deviation may be given and for each year between 4 and 12 years a deviation of 6 months may be given. If several children were cared for in the same period then no extra deviation is accumulated for this.
  • If the person concerned worked part-time then the deviation is calculated on a proportional basis to that of full-time employment.
  • The deviation from the aforementioned age guideline may not be more than 8 years, even if several children were cared for.

An appeal to the care clause should be made straightaway in the job application.