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November 17th 2019

The vacancies of the nine NWO Institutes can be found on the websites of the institutes. There you will find more information about the institutes as well: 

AMOLF (Amsterdam), Physics of functional complex matter: Jobs and internship page.
ARCNL (Amsterdam), Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography, Jobs and internship page.
DIFFER (Eindhoven), Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, Vacancies pagina. For vacancies in the area of nuclear physics also visit the pages: Working at ITER en Working at Fusion for Energy (F4E).
Nikhef (Amsterdam), National Institute for Subatomic Physics: Working at Nikhef page.


CWI (Amsterdam), Centrum Wiskunde en Informatica (national research institute for mathematics and computer science): Jobs en internship page.


ASTRON (Dwingeloo), Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy: Working at ASTRON page.
SRON (Utrecht/Groningen), the Netherlands Institute for Space Research: Jobs and internship page.


NIOZ (Texel/Yrseke), Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research: Working at NIOZ page.


NSCR (Amsterdam), Netherlands Institute for the study of Crime and Law Enforcement: Jobs and internship page.


Please also visit the website Academic Transfer, a job board for a career in research, to see all the vacancies of the NWO Institutes.