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14 december 2018

Approved Industrial Partnership Programme


Number i30.
Title High tech systems and materials (HTSM)
Executive organisational unit BUW
Programme management Head Research Policy Department FOM
Duration 2013-2017
Cost estimate M€ 2.7
Partner(s) Carl Zeiss, Demcon, ECN, IMRA Europe, Océ, SolMateS, Supercis Solar and Thin Film Factory

The objective of this programme is to make major steps in the advancement of scientific know­ledge and technology in the area of high tech systems and materials (HTSM). This should lead to new physics enabling new processes and methods for the industrial project partners.

The high-tech systems and materials sector is an important enabler for many other sectors such as energy, chemistry and life sciences. HTSM focuses on products and services with a high added value in a number of specialized areas such as: Micro Electronics, embedded systems, smart materials, advanced manufacturing, photonics and nanotechnology.

Background, relevance and implementation
The programme consists of a set of projects that were selected via open calls for proposals on the theme High tech systems and materials (HTSM).

The first four projects were collected via a broad HTSM call organised by STW, FOM and ZonMW in the autumn of 2012. Each project has its own industrial partner(s), who contribute in cash and/or in kind to the project. These partners are: Carl Zeiss, Demcon, ECN, IMRA Europe, Océ, SolMateS , Supercis Solar and Thin Film Factory. 

Each project has its own user committee where academic researchers and industrial partners meet on a regular basis. Under certain conditions, third parties are welcome to join these user committees.

The final evaluation of this programme will consist of self-evaluations initiated by the individual project leaders.