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10 december 2018

Approved Industrial Partnership Programme


Number i32.
Title Computational sciences for energy research - PhD programme (CSER-PhD)
Executive organisational unit BUW
Programme management Prof.dr.ir. J.J.W. van der Vegt
Duration 2012-2020
Cost estimate M€ 20
Partner(s) Shell, TKI-Gas


The main objective of the CSER-PhD programme is to contribute to the research field of computational sciences in the Netherlands by enabling 60 PhD students to conduct excellent research projects. After finishing their PhD these students will start working at the 'Computational Centre of Excellence' in Bangalore, India. Moreover, the programme contributes to various energy-related themes within the Dutch Top Sectors Energy and Chemistry: 'Bio-energie', 'Wind-op-zee', 'Smart grids', 'Zonne-energie', 'Energiebesparing Gebouwde Omgeving', 'Gas', 'Energiebesparing Industrie/procestechologie' and 'Smart polymeric materials'.

Background, relevance and implementation
FOM has the ambition to strengthen the computational sciences in the Netherlands and to increase its public-private partnership activities in order to contribute to social issues such as the Energy Challenge. Furthermore, FOM wishes to extend its collaboration with the BRIC countries, in this case the further reinforcement of the connection between the Dutch and the Indian knowledge communities.

Shell wants to further invest in research at, and establish enduring relationships with Dutch knowledge institutes. Furthermore, Shell has the ambition to improve its computational science capabilities in the 'Shell Technology Centre Bangalore' (STCB). Therefore, Shell is aiming to set up a global centre of excellence in India with talented students who are trained in accordance with the 'Dutch standard' within the CSER programme.

Within 'Computational sciences for energy research' Shell finances four calls for a total of 60 PhD projects. These are published over a period of four years, starting in 2012. The CSER programme committee, chaired by Prof.dr.ir. B. Koren, is responsible for the publication of the call and, consulting international reviewers, for the selection of the projects to be funded. For these projects students who are willing to work at the 'Computational Centre of Excellence' in Bangalore, India - once finished with their PhD project - are recruited and pre-selected by Shell. In a final matching phase the project leaders of the successful projects select a PhD student.

In addition, in exchange for the M€ 4.0 Shell contribution to the programmes 'Uncertainty Reduction in Smart Energy Systems' and 'CO2-neutral fuels', FOM will recruit 15 additional PhD students that are interested to work at the 'Computational Centre of Excellence' in Bangalore after finishing their PhD.

The steering committee with representatives of Shell, NWO, FOM and 'Topteam Energie' is the ultimate decision body of the programme.

This FOM programme is part of the overarching initiative 'Computational sciences for energy research'. For administrative reasons and transparency the CSER initiative has been split in four programmes that have the following main objectives:
- the education of 75 PhD students who are willing to work at the Shell 'Computational Centre of Excellence' in Bangalore, India, after finishing their PhD (FOM IPP CSER-PhD, nr. 32,);
- contribute to the NWO theme 'Duurzame Energie' through the programmes 'Uncertainty reduction in smart energy systems' (FOM/NWO-MaGW programme URSES, nr. 146) and 'CO2 neutral fuels' (FOM/NWO-CW programme CO2NF, nr. 147);
- investments in the Dutch computational sciences infrastructure at universities and para university research institutes, mostly through tenure track positions (FOM Programme CSTT, nr. 145).

More information
Please visit the website CSER.