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14 december 2018

Closed FOM programme 

Number 107.
Title New physics instruments for health care (NIG-FOM)
Executive organisational unit BUW
Programme management Prof.dr. S. Brandenburg
Duration 2008-2014
Cost estimate M€ 2.8

To stimulate physics research for the development of new or improved instrumentation for health care.

Background, relevance and implementation
This FOM-programme is part of the starting programme of the NWO-theme 'Nieuwe instrumenten voor de gezondheidszorg' (NIG), a cooperation between ZonMw (theme coordinator), FOM, STW and ICT regie. The NIG theme focuses on five clusters:
-       Instruments for minimally-invasive therapy;
-       Instruments for medical optics and acoustics;
-       Instruments for medical imaging;
-       High-precision instruments for health care;
-       Health care technology and safety.

Project applications for the FOM-programme 'New physics instrumentation for health care' were evaluated as to their scientific merit (from a physics perspective) and their relevance for health care. An initial check as to whether an application was within the scope of the NWO-theme was performed by the NWO theme committee, 'Nieuwe instrumenten voor de gezondheidszorg' (NIG).

Please find a research highlight that was achieved in 2014 within this FOM programme here.