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19 december 2018

Approved FOM programme


Number 116. 
Title Use of nano science and technology (UNST)
Executive organisational unit BUW
Programme management Head Research Policy Department FOM
Duration 2010 - 2017
Cost estimate M€ 3.1

The NWO-nano Programme is part of the NWO theme 'Use of Nanoscience and Nanotechno­logy' and is aimed at encouraging excellent fundamental and applied research in nanoscience and nanotechnology in the Netherlands, to improve our country's international competitive position in this area.

Background, relevance and implementation
Five NWO divisions are working together within the NWO theme 'Use of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology': Technology Foundation STW (theme initiator), FOM, Earth & Life Sciences (ALW), Chemical Sciences (CW), and the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw).
6 of the 21 proposals awarded funding in the programme have a clear physical component and have been placed administratively under the FOM programme 'Use of nano science and technology' (FOM part of the NWO-nano Programme) (UNST, nr. 116). FOM is therefore contributing just over M€ 3 to the total programme budget of about M€ 10. In the call, proposals could be submitted for the following subjects and themes.

  1. NanoMedicine
    Reconstructive medicine;
    - Functional foods;
    - Bio-nano interface;
    - Nano-imaging vital cell processes;
    - Nano manipulation;
    - Synthetic biology.
  2. NanoInsights
    Nanophotonics (Fundamental research);
    - Spintronics (Fundamental research);
    - Graphene;
    - New (oxide) materials;
    - Quantum information processing.
  3. Nanomaterials & Engineering (incl. design & manufacturing)
    Nano assemblies (construction, bottom-up and self-organisation);
    - Functional nanoparticles;
    - Soft lithography (imprint etc.);
    - Stamping techniques based on macromolecules;
    - Nano devices (e.g. nano-robots and molecular motors);
    - Properties of nano-structured materials (quantum dots);
    - Energy storage (e.g. of hydrogen);
    - (Artificial) Photosynthesis;
    - Separation technologies (e.g. membranes). 
  4. Effect analysis
    - Dosage-effect relationships for man and the environment.

These subjects complement the subjects funded in the FES proposal 'High-Tech Systems & Materials' (NanoNextNL). NWO-Nano Programme and NanoNextNL are jointly making a vital and complementary contribution to realising the ambitions of the Strategic Research Agenda Nanotechnology.

The deadline for submitting proposals was 1 April 2010. A total of 102 eligible research proposals were submitted. 50 of these went through to the second round and eventually 21 were awarded funding.
The supervisory committee of NWO nano Programme (appointed by the STW Office in consultation with the project leaders) will monitor the progress and coherency of the NWO nano projects and the programme during yearly meetings. This supervisory structure covers all NWO nano projects, including those under FOM's management.