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10 december 2018

Approved FOM programme 

Number 122.
Title Fellowships for Young Energy Scientists (YES!)
Executive organisational unit BUW
Programme management Prof.dr. R.P. Griessen (chair of the YES!-Fellowships Programme Board)
Duration 2010-2016
Cost estimate M€ 1.6

The aim of the YES! Fellowships Programme is to contribute to the strengthening and renewal of the Dutch position within the international field of fundamental energy research by training young scientists.

Background, relevance and implementation
Creative and very talented young researchers, who have recently obtained their PhD degree are offered the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and inspiration within the field of fundamental energy research during a three year maximum stay at one or two top foreign insti­tutes.
In addition, the YES! Fellowship provides financial support for one year maximum at a Dutch research facility directly after the return of the YES! Fellow to the Netherlands. This should provide him/her with the opportunity to set up a new energy research line in the Netherlands. With the available budget about five applications can be granted.
The research field of the YES! Fellowships Programme fits within one or more of the research topics of the NWO theme 'Funderend Energieonderzoek' with a clear physical component. These topics are photovoltaics, fusion, hydrogen, solar fuels and storage of electricity.
YES! Research projects are innovative and have a clear future added value for Dutch energy research.  

Individual projects within the YES! Programme will be evaluated on a yearly basis. The final evaluation of the programme will consist of a self-evaluation initiated by the programme leader and is foreseen for 2016.