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14 december 2018

Approved FOM programme

Number 136.
Title Single phonon nanomechanics (SPN)
Executive organisational unit BUW
Programme management Prof.dr.ir. T.H. Oosterkamp 
Duration 2012-2017
Cost estimate M€ 2.4

We will couple phonons in a nanomechanical oscillator to a single electron spin of an NV center in diamond.
We will strongly couple phonons in carbon nanotube resonators to a single microwave photon in a superconducting qubit and SQUID device.
We will strongly couple phonons in a thin single crystal membrane to a single optical photon in a high finesse optical cavity.

Background, relevance and implementation
We will explore quantum decoherence of mechanical resonators. For applications of quantum state transducers, it is essential that mechanical systems have long coherence times. However, the damping mechanisms in mechanical resonators are not understood in detail, and in our carbon-nanotube experiments non-trivial behaviour of the Q‑factor has been observed. In this programme, we will study decoherence of mechanical states and identify the mechanisms behind dissipation. This touches upon some very fundamental questions as for massive objects, the decoherence is related to the issue of preservation of quantum-mechanical laws in the presence of gravity.

The final evaluation of this programme will consist of a self-evaluation initiated by the programme leader and is foreseen for 2017.

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