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14 december 2018

Closed FOM programme

Number 78.
Title The user facility for high magnetic fields (HFML) 
Executive organisational unit BUW
Programme management Prof.dr.ir. N.E. Hussey
Duration 2004-2014
Cost estimate M€ 4.7

To provide access to the facilities of the High Field Magnet Laboratory in Nijmegen for qualified external and international users.

Background, relevance and implementation
This programme allows qualified external guest researchers to perform pioneering research with the facility for high magnetic fields in Nijmegen (HFML), by providing them access and full experimental support. The budget permits HFML to provide magnet hours and to assure access free of charge in a hospitable and supportive environment.
The 20MW installation will provide the highest possible continuous magnetic fields, (up to 38T with resistive magnets and up to 45T with a hybrid magnet in 2016).
A magnetic field is one of the few thermodynamic parameters which experimentalists can use to change the state of matter. It is unique in the sense that the field does not change the total energy of the system (apart from zero point motion) but only changes the energy level struc­ture. This property is employed in a huge variety of cases and like temperature magnetic fields are among the most used experimental parameters. The more than fourfold increase to HFML citations since the beginning of the programme and the Nobel prize of Novoselov and Geim, partially based on work done at the HFML, shows how successful experiments in high magne­tic fields are. Therefore there is a large community in the Netherlands and abroad that profits from this programme.


Een klein resterend personeelsbudget (k€ 24) is overgeheveld naar het corresponderende budget in FOM-programma 132 (FOM-HFML).

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