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29 juni 2017

With a recently awarded NWO programme grant, we are starting an exciting new project to measure the electric dipole moment (EDM) of the electron. This property, which is predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics to be extremely small, is a powerful probe to explore physics beyond this Standard Model. All extensions to the Standard Model, most prominently supersymmetry, naturally predict an electron EDM that is just below the current experimental limits. We aim to improve on the best current measurement by at least an order of magnitude. To do so we will perform a precision measurement on a slow beam of laser-cooled BaF molecules. With this low-energy precision experiment, we test physics at energies comparable to those of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)! The eEDM programme research staff consists of Anastasia Borschevsky, Klaus Jungmann, Steven Hoekstra, Rob Timmermans and Lorenz Willmann from the Van Swinderen Institute for Particle Physics and Gravity (VSI) at the University of Groningen, and Rick Bethlem and Wim Ubachs from the Atoms, molecules and lasers group at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam. The experiment will be operated at the VSI in Groningen. To start this team effort we currently invite applications for the first round of PhD and postdoc positions.

Job description
The position as postdoctoral researcher requires a PhD in Physics, in the fields of atomic, molecular and optical physics, or a closely related field. Candidates who are close to finishing their PhD thesis are also encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate has a strong interest in experimental physics and particle physics. The candidate is expected to start no later than April 2017.

You will be working in a team with several PhD students and scientific staff, on a range of topics related the preparation of cold molecular beams for precision measurements within this eEDM project. Ideally you have a background in the creation of cryogenic beams, molecule deceleration or precision spectroscopy. Location: VSI Groningen.

Job requirements
The postdoc position is offered for two years. The candidate will be employed by the NWO-I-foundation (formerly known as FOM) and will be based at the VSI in Groningen You will receive a competitive salary. The conditions of employment are excellent and include extra months' salary payment in May and December and good travel facilities. The conditions of employment of the NWO-I foundation can be found at www.fom.nl. The educational programme of the Dutch research school for subatomic physics offers annual graduate schools for PhD students, as well as frequent series of lectures on advanced topics in particle physics.

Conditions of employment
NWO Institutes Organisation (formerly FOM) prefers candidates who have qualifying experience (e.g. as PhD student or postdoctoral researcher) in a scientific research institute abroad. You will be employed by the NWO Institutes Organisation (NWO-I) for a fixed period of two years. Your salary will be up to a maximum of 4,089 euro gross per month, depending on your level of experience. The salary is supplemented with a holiday allowance of 8 percent and an end-of-year bonus of 8.33 percent. 

The conditions of employment of NWO-I are laid down in the Collective Labour Agreement for Research Centres (Cao-Onderzoekinstellingen), more exclusive information is available at this website under Personeelsinformatie (in Dutch) or under Personnel (in English). General information about working at NWO-I can be found in the English part of this website under Personnel. The 'Job interview code' applies to this position.

Contact information
Further details on the position can be obtained from Prof.dr. Steven Hoekstra.

All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply via the Nikhef website. Please be prepared to upload a curriculum vitae including a brief description of your research interests, and have the email addresses of at least three referents ready, who are willing to send a letter of recommendation on your behalf.