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  • 7 april 2017 09.15 - 21.00 uur
  • De Oosterpoort, Groningen

FYSICA is the annual physics conference of the Netherlands' Physical Society (NNV). Each year the NNV organises FYSICA in cooperation with a Dutch university. FYSICA 2017 will be in De Oosterpoort in Groningen on 7 Friday April 2017. Every physicist (students, teachers, physicists working in industry, academia and public service) is warmly invited to attend the FYSICA-meeting. We feel very honoured to announce the following plenary speakers: Ben Feringa (University of Groningen) - Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016 Bart van Wees (University of Groningen): NWO Spinoza Prize 2016 - Nanospintronics Viola Vogel (ETH Zurich): Julius Springer Prize 2006 for Applied Physics - Mechanobiology Jo van den Brand (Nikhef, VU): Physica Prize 2017 - Gravitational Waves Every year the Young Speakers Contest is a roaring success at FYSICA. For that reason we decided to organise the Young Speakers Contest in the context of FYSICA 2017 once more. It’s a contest for the best (oral) presentation of a young speaker. For this contest, a 'young speaker' is defined as a PhD student or a postdoc within five years of obtaining his/her PhD. The presentation should discuss the own scientific work of the speaker, and will be in English. For registration:



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