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NWO works on its strategy 2023-2026

From all parts of NWO, including NWO-I, colleagues have started working on NWO's strategy for 2023-2026. Every four years, NWO has to submit a strategic plan. The strategy 2023-2026 will be based on the current mission and three roles: financing research, performing research, and building connections. The strategy 2023-2026 should be finalized well before summer.

NWO-I participates in different ways towards the strategy 2023-2026. For instance, ARCNL director Joost Frenken has a seat in the steering committee and from the NWO-I office Jacqueline Mout and Peter Spijker are members of the NWO-wide project team. In the past weeks the project team has reflected on the current strategy with different NWO-boards, including the NWO-I’s Directors Council. This reflection focused on the successes and short-comings of the current strategy, but also challenged the directors to come up with new ideas for the strategy 2023-2026. In the next phase this input will be gathered from inside and outside NWO, partially assisted by a consultancy firm.

More information

On ‘Joost’, the NWO internal webpages, all information on this strategy project can be found, including who participates, what is the time schedule and also how you can contribute to the strategy 2023-2026. Soon, more is known on the consultation phase and this will be shared as well as via Joost, the institute directors and the next edition of Inside NWO-I.

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