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Section ‘NWO celebrates…’ comes to an end: recap of a series of personal stories

In May 2021, we started with the section ‘NWO celebrates…’ in which, each month, personal stories were published about different (festive) days that are important for NWO colleagues. The stories appeared on both the NWO-I website and intranet Joost. It was a big success; each month, somebody from NWO-I or NWO-D shared something about a special day in the year. We therefore celebrated many different days, from Keti Koti to Father’s Day and from Chinese New Year to World Autism Awareness Day. And although we are rounding off this section now, that does not mean we will stop celebrating.

Greatly appreciated

So here we are: 15 personal editions of ‘NWO celebrates…’ later. And we celebrated many festive days together! Over the past year, a new interview appeared each month on Joost and in the personnel newsletter Inside NWO-I. But what kind of impact did the section have within the organisation? The ‘NWO celebrates…’ articles were definitely popular. On average, the interviews attracted a lot of readers and there was certainly no lack of likes and responses on Joost. The personal stories were very much appreciated within the organisation. They allowed colleagues to get to know each other better, find an opportunity to thank each other, express support and, last but not least, find a reason to join in a celebration.

Which days do NWO employees celebrate?

Many different (festive)days were explored. Are you interested in the stories? Read all the interviews on the NWO-I website.

NWO continues to celebrate

The section ‘NWO celebrates…’ has now come to an end. But NWO will continue to celebrate, of course! We encourage you to keep sharing your stories about the days you commemorate or that are important to you. You could share your story in a blog or share a photo. Who knows, we may publish your story in the personnel newsletter Inside NWO-I and on intranet Joost. Send your email to Melissa Vianen via On behalf of the ‘NWO celebrates…’ editorial team, Melissa Vianen (NWO-I), Nicole Verhoeven (P&O), Seray Ünsal (NWA-KIC) and Marjolein Snellink (Concern communication) would like to thank everybody for their contribution.

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