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Negotiators agreement CAO

On 4 February, the employers' organisation WVOI and the trade unions concluded a CAO negotiators agreement. The following arrangements were agreed upon.

Salary increase

Salaries will be increased by 2.6% on 1 January 2020. In March (on 9 March was reported that it will become April), you will receive a retrospective increase of your salary for January and February. For employees whose annual salary increase is lower than 1,000 euros gross, the salary increase will be supplemented to that amount in 2020. For part-time employees, this is done in proportion to their part-time percentage. The supplement will be paid in July.

The minimum salary will be increased to 14 euros per hour.

Sustainable deployment

The CAO will also include a chapter about sustainable deployment in which the regulations and facilities that support sustainable deployment will be brought together. One of these regulations is the 'Generation plan' which was included as a temporary regulation in the previous CAO and will be structurally continued in the new CAO.

Legislative changes

The CAO has been modified in line with new legislation that became effective on 1 January 2020. This concerns the Wnra (Civil Servants (Normalisation of Legal Status) Act) and the WAB (Labour Market in Balance Act) that have led to changes in the rules concerning temporary employment contracts, the period of notice for the employee and the employer and the transitional compensation.

Leave for voluntary work

Further, the possibility to request leave for voluntary work that improves the social coherence of society has been included. Half of the time will be for the account of the employee and half of the time, with a maximum of two days, for the account of the employer. The employee's rights to unpaid leave for providing informal care has also been included.

Other agreements can be read in the negotiators agreement (see download – in Dutch only). 

The CAO is valid for one year from 1 January 2020 to 1 January 2021.

The trade unions will present the agreement to their members and will let the outcome know of this no later than 6 March. The agreement is finalised if the trade union members approve it.

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