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Joost Frenken leaves ARCNL

ARCNL Director Joost Frenken has announced his departure from ARCNL.
He has accepted the position of dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) at the University of Groningen, where he will start on 1 July 2022.

Frenken started in 2014 as the first employee and Director of ARCNL. At the time the public-private partnership ARCNL was a collaboration between the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM), the University of Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam, and semiconductor equipment manufacturer ASML. Nowadays ARCNL is an established research institute with about 100 employees. The role of FOM has moved to NWO-I, the institute's organization of NWO. Recently, the University of Groningen has joined the ARCNL consortium as an associate partner.

Explaining his decision to leave ARCNL, Frenken says: "All parties involved recognize that ARCNL is performing really well and they praise the ARCNL team and the way the institute is organized. This has made me realize that my task to build up ARCNL has now been completed. With ARCNL in its next phase, I would like to pass the baton to a new director. I say goodbye with much confidence, pride, and also a fair share of melancholy to this fantastic institute and the wonderful ARCNL family that together we have constructed. It will be my pleasure to take the wisdom and warmth that I acquired in Amsterdam to my new challenges in Groningen".

As Institute manager Marjan Fretz has worked intensely with Frenken for many years. She says: "Joost has devoted himself to ARCNL with his heart and soul for the past 8,5 years and this has paid off. ARCNL has grown into a mature research institute where people work together in an enjoyable work atmosphere and where they feel at home. With pain in our ARCNL family heart, we are letting Joost go, but also with pride. After all, he will leave ARCNL for a great position: dean of the FSE of Groningen!"

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