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Basic data

On this webpage you can find the basic data of NWO-I.

Annual budget

As of 31 December 2021 the annual budget of NWO-I is 218 million euros for exploitation and investments; basic and other income from grants from NWO, the European Union and the Dutch government as well as from partnerships with universities and industry.

How many people work at NWO-I?

At the end of 2021, 1,662 FTE (1,786 persons) were employed by NWO-I, of which

  • 544 FTE (588persons) scientific staff;
  • 394 FTE (398 persons) researchers in training;
  • 725 FTE (800 persons) technicians and other staff.

The employees are divided in these organisation units (reference date 1 oktober 2022) 

NWO Institute AMOLF 182
NWO Institute ARCNL  51
NWO Institute ASTRON  195
NWO Institute CWI  208
NWO Institute DIFFER   123
NWO Institute Nikhef    218
NWO Institute NIOZ 359
NWO Institute NSCR  63
NWO Institute SRON  195
NWO-I office   46
BUW (Administrative Unit for Research Groups at Universities)    41
JIVE* 24
Total 1.705

* JIVE is part of NWO Institute ASTRON and Jive implements the core data processing and user services that turn the network of distributed telescopes into a single observatory to study the radio sky at the highest possible resolution.

Confidental Infomation