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Privacy is a shield that helps you to protect your personal data; it gives you the choice what you do and do not share with others.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) prescribes how organizations such as NWO-I should handle personal data. NWO-I must be able to demonstrate that it adheres to the GDPR. One of the important responsibilities is that NWO-I informs the people whose personal data the organization processes as well as possible

Each Institute and the NWO-I office has a privacy coordinator and a privacy team, who together with all other colleagues ensure that NWO-I complies with the GDPR.
NWO-I also has a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Do you suspect a security incident or data breach? Always report it!

Knowledge safety

What is knowledge safety?

Knowledge safety is primarily about unwanted transfer of sensitive knowledge and technology. Transfer is undesirable if it affects our country's national security or competitiveness (unnecessarily undesirable or too serious). In addition, knowledge safety involves covert influence on education and research by other states. This interference endangers academic freedom and social security at research institutions. It also involves ethical issues that may play a role in cooperation with countries that do not respect fundamental rights from, among others, the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU.

Vision NWO-I on knowledge safety

NWO-I wants research at NWO-I to take place in a safe manner and also in a safe environment. In a safe manner means not only that in conducting the research the core academic values of integrity and independence are respected, but also that the research results can be shared, where possible, in the framework of Open Science. In a safe environment means that researchers and staff feel free and respected to contribute optimally to research. Knowledge safety policy aims to allow research collaboration to take place in a safe environment, protect the crown jewels from unwanted transfer and safeguard scientific integrity and academic freedom.

Activities related to knowledge safety focus on three components:

  1. Awareness of the need to protect the 'crown jewels' and academic values.
  2. Secure design of the organisation.
  3. Protective measures

Goal of the knowledge safety policy

Secure design of the organisation and behavioural change and awareness in all layers of NWO-I and among all employees, so that risk of undesirable knowledge transfer and covert influence can be reduced to acceptable levels, in a manner appropriate to the knowledge present in the relevant institute and the related risks.


Knowledge safety policy is not only about research, but also touches on business support processes such as: ICT (cybersecurity, information management and business intelligence), Human Resources, Facilities Management (physical institute security: badge system) and Compliance (legal) frameworks.

Information security

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