What is Recognition & Rewards?

Recognition & Rewards is a national movement to achieve a more modernized and balanced academic system. This movement was launched with the publication of the attached position paper 'Room for everyone's talent' by VSNU, NFU, NWO, KNAW, and ZonMW in 2019.
The goal is to change the culture in the Dutch and global academic, to recognize and value all tasks of our employees. Not only focus on research results, but also on recognition for tasks in the areas of education, impact, leadership, patient care and, specifically for the NWO Institutes, the national role.
You can find more background on the Recognition & Rewards movement, the position paper, visions of other knowledge institutions, and discussions at https://recognitionrewards.nl/

What steps is NWO-I taking?

NWO-I embraces the national and international efforts to modernize our definitions of academic success. Within NWO-I, we are focusing on five key points: Research, Impact, Education, Leadership and the National role of the institutes.

In the coming period, we will be implementing an action plan around these five spearheads across the whole of NWO-I. It is an extensive plan, which is divided into a number of steps. Not everything needs, or indeed can, be done at once, and a lot of what is already happening at the institutes fits seamlessly into this process. It is also the express intention that we will learn from each other and share good practices.

If in the meantime you have thoughts or worries you want to share, feel free to contact one of the members of the project group or the representative from your career layer or institute at the Committee. 

Project group

# Position Name Affiliation
1 Project leader Thecla van Wageningen Bureau NWO-I
2 Policy Rob Detmers SRON
3 HRM Lucienne Stavenuiter Bureau NWO-I
4 Communications Petra Vastenhouw AMOLF
5 Communications Mirjam Hartman Bureau NWO-I


The email address for the Committee is: CommitteeRecognitionRewards@nwo-i.nl

# Position Name Affiliation
1 Chair/Professor Michael Wise (pfh DO) DO, SRON
2 Project leader / Policy Thecla van Wageningen Bureau
3 PhD Caterina Coral NIOZ
4 Postdoc Jyoti Lather AMOLF
5 Tenure tracker Bart Weber ARCNL
6 Tenured researcher André Offringa ASTRON
7 Tenured researcher vacancy NSCR
8 Professor Lynda Hardman CWI
9 Professor Maarten de Jong Nikhef
10 Technical/Engineering member Jan Geralt bij de Vaate SRON
11 HRM Sandra Liefhebber NIOZ
12 HRM Lucienne Stavenuiter Bureau
13 HRM Henk Tamsma Bureau
14 IM Martin van Breukelen DIFFER
15 Policy Rob Detmers SRON
16 Communications Mirjam Hartman Bureau

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