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Individual right to complain

As an employee, you can submit a complaint regarding an act by or due to NWO-I. An act is understood to mean a decision or action, or the omission or express refusal to decide or act. The employee can submit a complaint:

  • if he/she does not agree with an act;
  • if the act in his/her opinion is in conflict with the employment conditions or statutory requirements that apply to him/her;
  • if he/she thinks that he/she is affected or disadvantaged by the act in his/her interests regarding his/her work situation or legal position.

The complaint must be submitted within four weeks after you have been informed of the decision or the act of NWO-I. You should submit your complaint in writing to your director or the university research group leader. Please enclose any relevant documents. In the letter, you should describe the reasons for your complaint as accurately as possible.

More information and the further procedure can be read in the Implementing Regulations IR 12 Right of complaint employer NWO-I. You can also contact Maaike Cretier, lawyer employment law and employment conditions NWO-I. 

NWO-I shall treat all information as confidential.

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