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Financial system U4ERP

NWO-I is using financial system U4ERP since 1 May 2021. All nine NWO institutes and the NWO-I office are working with this system. The university workgroups (BUW) do not use it.



The impact of U4ERP is largest for colleagues in the Finance, Projects and Procurement departments. All other more than 1,800 employees of the NWO institutes and bureau NWO-I are affected by U4ERP on a smaller scale. They work mainly with the following three modules within the NFS: timekeeping, travel and declarations, and order requisitions. Click here to go to U4ERP.


Eventually, more than 1,800 employees of NWO-I will register their hours worked. Several institutes are doing that already. However, registering hours is new for other institutes and the NWO-I office. By registering hours, we will obtain more insight into how we use our time. That also applies to government bodies and parties outside of NWO-I. For many years now, granting bodies have required that we demonstrate how many hours are devoted to projects. Registering hours will be introduced in phases according to the scheme below.

  • From1 May 2021, the NWO institutes ASTRON and SRON have started registering hours.
  • DIFFER, AMOLF and ARCNL have registered hours for many years in a different system; they all switched to registering in U4ERP on 1 July 2021. The same concerns NIOZ. They will switch a little bit later, but before 2022.
  • The employees of the NWO institutes CWI and Nikhef have also already been registering their hours. On 1 January 2022 they will switch to the 'Timekeeping module' in U4ERP.
  • Finally, registering hours is also new for the NWO institute NSCR and the NWO-I office. They will also start doing this on 1 January 2022.

Travel and declarations

With the arrival of U4ERP, all employees of the institutes and the NWO-I office submit requests for (foreign) trips and for expenses declarations via the module Travel and declarations in the new system.

Order requisitions

The entire chain from quotation to payment will, in future, take place via the U4ERP module Procurement. This concerns the purchase or hiring in, for example, of goods, products or services under the correct conditions. This includes, for instance, large tenders in projects such as a new piece of equipment or the refurbishment of a building. But it equally applies to smaller purchases such as pens, a business gift or flowers for a colleague. Some employees make these requisitions via U4ERP. This allows them, after a possible quotation trajectory, to place an order or service in the system. The requisition is subsequently sent to the budget holder for approval, after which the employee with the role of “purchaser” within the institute or office makes the actual order. After the product or service has been supplied, the invoice follows and this is also sent to the purchaser for approval via U4ERP before the payment takes place. What exactly this entire procurement process looks like, and who within your organisation has which role differs per location.

Training, instructions and demos

U4ERP includes manuals and references to instructional videos. A help desk is available up to and including June 2021. There will also be some trainings-on-the-job, where, for example, you and others will start writing time together in a live session. A trainer takes everyone through the system step-by-step .


If you have any questions, please contact your contact person from your own institute, from the NWO-I office or your line manager.

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