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NWO-I provides facilities for setting up a home office

NWO and NWO-I have each determined a policy about hybrid working. Hybrid working means that employees can do their work on various locations. The core of the hybrid working policy is that the employer wants employees to be able to work in an optimal form, in the best possible time and place. That is in the interest of both the organization and the employee. The way in which that happens, depends on the nature of the work. For some activities (such as policy making) it is not necessary to be working in a fixed working space. With other activities (such as laboratory work) the possibilities of working elsewhere are limited. Whether working at home is a possibility, follows from the policy Hybrid working. In case of homeworking, agreements have been made with the Central Works Council of NWO (COR NWO) to facilitate and/or remunerate work-from-home furniture. As per 1 March 2023 the compensation fee for working from home is 3,05 euros per day. These agreements have been recorded in the implementing regulations for both NWO and NWO-I jointly.

Working from home in a safe and healthy way

The Health and Safety act says that it is necessary that a home office is set up and used according to the working conditions standards, in order to be able to work from home in a safe and healthy way. For that the employer will provide the facilities and the employee is responsible for making the home office ergonomically sound and to follow up the guidelines from the employer.

Provision in kind or budget in cash for setting up a home office

Provision in kind
Do you have a temporary contract at NWO-I? Then you will get furniture, if necessary, on loan. The employer is then owner of the furniture. Are you eligible for this and would you like to make these arrangements? Then please contact the HR department of the organization unit you work at.

Budget cash
Do you work at NWO-I on a contract for an indefinite period? Or do you work on a contract with a specified time with the purpose of an indefinite contract? Then you will receive a budget of 750 euros for buying a desk and/or chair and lighting that is ergonomically sound.

You buy the desk and/or chair and/or lighting yourself and declare the costs at your own organizational unit. The maximum compensation for a desk is 400 euros, for a chair also 400 euros and for lighting 50 euros. Necessary transport costs can also be compensated. The total compensation is a maximum of 750 euros.

For example, if you buy a chair of 400 euros, then you have 350 euros left for a table, lighting and transport. If you buy furniture that is more expensive, then the extra costs are on your own account.

All amounts are including VAT.

If you buy furniture or lighting form this budget, you will own these products. Please pay attention: if your employment stops less than a year after receiving this compensation, then you have to pay back 50% of the costs.

ICT facilities are not part of this arrangement. These are – within frameworks – provided by your organizational unit.

Have you already bought furniture since 1 March 2020?

  • Have you received an office chair from NWO-I at the start of the corona crisis? Then you can keep the chair and you will own it. For you a budget of 450 euros is left for a desk, lighting and transport.
  • Are you interested in receiving a chair from NWO-I? That is possible. Then you also have a budget available of 450 euros left for a desk, lighting and transport.
  • Did you already buy ergonomically sound furniture that fits within the budget for working from home? Then you can declare these costs by handing over the purchase invoice and a proof of payment.


You can declare the costs by using the form (to be downloaded at the bottom of this webpage). Please send the form to the P&O department of your institute. Or you can send the form by mail to


If you have any questions regarding this subject, please contact your HR department. For more information, also check the document at the bottom of this page (in Dutch only).

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