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Illness and income

Salary during illness

During illness, NWO-I will pay your salary in full for the first 12 months. During the second year of illness, you will receive 70 percent of your salary. If you carry out work as part of the reintegration process then you will receive the full salary over the hours worked as long as there is an actual work performance. NWO-I also understands this to mean taking a course, if that is necessary for your reintegration. If during the second year of illness you work for 50 percent or more of the working time, then in the second year of illness you will receive 85 percent of your salary for the remaining sick-leave hours instead of 70 percent.

Holiday leave in case of illness and incapacity to work

During the first three months of your illness, you will accrue statutory and supplementary holiday leave. After three months, you will only build up statutory holiday leave. If you are working part-time during your illness, then after three months you will build up supplementary holiday leave over the actual hours worked as well. Read more about this in the Collective Labour Agreement Research Institutions, Article 5.6.

Travel remuneration in the event of incapacity to work

If you become incapacitated for work, then NWO-I will end your travel renumeration. This will happen on the first of the month after the month in which you were continuously incapacitated for work. NWO-I will resume the renumeration once you start work again. This also applies if you have partially recovered.

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